martedì 16 settembre 2014

DIY Homemade silicone molds - Tutorial (english version)

Hi Everybody!

I decided to translate this tutorial into English so everyone can learn how to make silicone mold at home using common household materials! ^_^

I hope my tutorial will be clear and easy to understand!

This is what we need:

- acetic silicone (not the acrylic one): that is the one you usually use to seal i. e. the shower glass and it stinks a lot! I used the white one but I think that also the transparent one is ok;
- corn starch (maize) but I saw that someone used baking soda, flour, or baby powder, too;
- latex gloves;
- a ice-cream stick or something similar to mix all ingredients;
- wax paper.

And now..let's start! ^_^

1) cover your worktop with the wax paper, then sprinkle some maize on it;


2) pour some acetic silicone onto the maize; 

3) then, cover the acetic silicone with more maize and start mixing all ingredients with the ice-cream stick; 

4) when the mixture has absorbed all the maize, add more corn starch until it will be no more sticky and you can knead it without gloves;

5) when all it is well-mixed, form a ball, dust it with some maize so it will not sticks to your worktop, then flatten it a little bit;

6) now it is time to impress the object you want to make the mold of, (I chose a Ringo!)

7) push down gently the objct on the ball and cover perfectly all the edeges;

8) now you have just to wait half an hour (better one hour) for the mold to become perfectly dry! ^_^

9) when the silicone mixture is dry, you can remove your object softly and our mold is ready to be used!!! ^_^

And this is the result!

The first ones are made with corn starch, the second ones are made with flour. They are perfectly the same!
I'm really satisfied! ^_^
I hope this tutorial will be useful also to all of You!

Have a nice evening!

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  1. bellissimo il tuo tutorial! molto utile... italiano per noi comuni mortali??? :-)

    1. Grazie Anna! ^_^ certo che c'è in italiano, l'avevo fatto qualche mese.. Ecco il link: Buon Lavoro! ;)